Introduction Business Forecasting Tool

Are you looking for a technique to improve your sales? As you have likely discovered, traditional planning in a spread sheet software like Excel can be hard to manage. That’s why we made, a browser-based business forecasting software solution. Our business forecasting software lets you forecast future demand, plan supplies, and see upcoming revenue all in one place.’s business forecasting software is especially useful at helping eCommerce companies scale by providing a way to stay on top of customer demand. Our forecasting software analyzes every piece of info that matters, such as historical sales data, budget allocation, input from the sales team, and abnormal events to provide you with the most accurate forecast possible.


Why Choose’s Business Forecasting Software?


1. More accurate results – Using advanced forecasting formulas, our software generates more accurate forecasts than you might see in similar products. Our algorithms are decades in the making and have been developed as a result of solving problems that our customers have come across. Understanding forecasted revenue and/or inventory is what drives our success. has helped companies in almost every industry create a forecast based on their needs.

2. Forecasting for multiple items – Not only can you forecast inventory, but you can also forecast anything that has historical trends. We’ve had customers forecast the number of people that will quit and others forecast by item weight. makes forecasting any type of forecast possible. You can forecast by customer as well; we even provide analytics to show you which products/customers are performing the best vs. which needs some improvement. 

3. Data security – We have built confidence among our customers by keeping their data safe. We understand the need to keep information safe, so we designed our software to withstand any type of breach. Our data privacy policy ensures that your information isn’t misused for any reason.

4. Customized solutions – Whether you are a small or mid-sized company, we provide best-in-class solutions for all businesses. We listen to what you need and provide the most suitable solution.

5. Event analyzer – Our “Events” feature shows you times where your data was abnormal. You can see spikes and troughs in data and then normalize them to create the most accurate forecast possible.

6. Manage finance for all departments – Our revenue forecasting tool allows you to plan your budget ahead of time with information on upcoming sales and where they are coming from.’s budgeting and forecasting software makes sure there are no surprises, good or bad, in your future. You can have a clear picture of your budget using our business budgeting software. 

8. Accessible from anywhere, anytime – is a web-based application that can be accessed from any location at any time. You can use our business forecasting software to collaborate with your company’s various departments to make informed decisions and plan your business operations using a single database.

9. Startup curve – This feature is specially designed for launching a new product. You can piggy-back off the forecast of similar products to get an idea of how this one will perform.


A definite sales plan makes it easier to manage business operations. You can know how your company will perform in the future by making predictions using the best business forecasting software on the market, If you are a small or mid-sized company looking for the best budgeting and forecasting software, provides business forecasting software at an affordable cost. Get in touch with one of our forecasting experts to learn more about our software features and how it can increase your sales.